Ravva Laddu ~ Laddoo with fine sooji

Sometimes suddenly we feel like eating sweets or our kids ask “amma, emayina pettu”. If nothing is there in the kitchen we will be thinking about what sweet dish can be prepared so quickly. If you have fine sooji, sugar and ghee then I have one recipe ready which can be prepared in just 10 mins. And that is Ravva laddoo. This is one of the traditional mouth watering dishes among South Indian sweets and today I take the privilage to present its preparation.


Fine Sooji 2 cups

Sugar 2 cups

Ghee 5 tbsps

Milk  5 tbsps

Cut Cashews, Raisens, Badam – as per taste

Preparation Method:

In a wide pan heat ghee.

Once it is hot, add small pieces of cashews, raisens and badam.

After they turn into brown colour, remove them. Now add the sooji pwd in the same ghee.

Stir just for 2-3 mins and add sugar to it.

Mix them well and keep on stirring for another 2-3 mins.

Switch off the stove and take the sooji sugar mixture into a mixing bowl.

Add the fried nuts and milk.

While it is hot make small balls. If it is very difficult to make ball then you can add ghee or milk to make it wet.

Caution: Do not add too much milk as it spoils the entire hard work

Delicious ravva laddo is ready to eat.

Serving Tips:


~ by satya on January 6, 2010.

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